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"Mandy, you can't go out you have to go to the prom!" I scream.
"Whatever, nobody cares about grade seven prom." She retorts. Then she slams the door and walks out
I fume for a bit before I stomp up to my room.
Then, I hear her stupid ringtone go off. If i listen to it for more than thirty seconds my head explodes, so I darted forward into her room and looked at the caller ID, wondering if I could just hang up.
It was her boyfreind, Max. I put on a falsetto voie and awnser.
"Hey pumpkin." I say.
"Hey cutie."He replies. "You ready to go out tonight for the prom?" He asks. I think fast, Mandy probably sais she would go with Max then ditched and forgot to tell him.
"Sure." I say, might as well humilate Mandy.
"Cool, I'll be there in five." He replies. I hang up and sit doen on Mandy's bed, facing the closet. I remember one time she yelled a certain outfit and it appered on her floor, then she put it on. I don't know how she did it so I decided to try it.
"Prom!" I yell. Then I hear a robotic voice.
"Selecting Prom outfit." It says. A small screen besided her bed lights up and displays this cute otfit, so I decided to shut it off, because I just saw it. Looking at the moniter, I look for the exit button and see a small backwards green arrow. 'Probably means back.' I thought to myself as I clicked it.
"Iniating dressing." The voice says.
"Uh-oh." I say aloud. At once, her clost springs open and robotic arms grab my arms and legs.
"Removing garments." The voice says. And more hands come up and start stripping me to the nude.
"Hey!" I shout, struggling with the arms. Then a red light bathes over me.
"Structure does not meet desired protocal." The voice says. "Increasing padding." 'What padding?' I think. The awnser comes with two arms holding needles.
"Padding will recede after Prom." The voice says. Before I could move, a robot arm jabs it into my waist. I feel a tingling sensation, then my entire lower half starts to move. My hips grow bigger, my butt becomes feminie.
"Breast padding initiating." The voice commands. Another needle jabs into my chest, making it bubble like wax before forming a size C cup. I stare at it while the voice says. "Inating dressing."
Silk panties and a matching bra come out of the closet and force themselves over me, while I continue to struggle. Then, the dress comes and slides up over me, and a robot arm zips up the back.
"Makeup!" The voice yells and robot arms come and do my hair and face, plastering me with makeup. When it's finally over, it slings a bag over my sholdur and holds up a mirror. I look excatly like Mandy!
I scream and my man voice thunders. The closet then straps a necklace around my neck, changing my voice to Mandy's. I stand un her room, looking dumb before I hear the doorbell ring.
It was max! And i looked and sounded like Mandy! I start to back away from Mandy's door before robot arms grabb me and shoot me downstarirs. To the door. It opens and I see Max standing there, looking flabbergasted.
"You look amazing." He tells me. On the fly, I think of a way out of this,
"I'm sorry I cant." I start to say, telling him it was off, but the necklace tightens and changes my sentance. "look any better." My voice says.
He grabs my arm and we leave, I hate mandy's closet.
Closet TG
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Nice job
Zizum Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Nice simple story. A little too random (why he even touched tat closet) and it would be cool if you described dress a little more.
Still I like it. Also it very short, that helps.
darkevilsonic Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012   Photographer
you should make another story related to this
darkevilsonic Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012   Photographer
i would love! that closet
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I'd love to see more of this story. Great job.
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Pretty good.
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